Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Politics can still suck it

A while ago, I cancelled my RSS subscriptions to political blogs, removed my TiVo season pass to Rachel Maddow, and watch Stewart/Colbert in whatever clips happen to bubble up on Facebook.

I noticed this - my stress level went down, I started getting more done around the house, and was able to focus better on work and my hobbies.

I've enjoyed not being outraged every time I turn on the TV. My life is my own again. Protest rallies, flamewars on Facebook, Google Reader, and other blogs just don't draw me anymore.

Imagine my surprise when I poked my head out today to check on this Jobs Bill thing, which, surprisingly, isn't an Apple Invoice. More talking heads screaming at each other about how they're both trying to wreck "AMERICA!!!"

I still don't care. I refuse to care. I pledge to be an educated voter, but that's really the only place worth my effort. The rest is just noise, detracting from my own life.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Desert Overture!

Just helped start a brand new LGBT-friendly band in Phoenix AZ - Desert Overture! I am VERY excited about the possibilities. I have rarely had the opportunity to work with such talented muscicians. Our first concert will be on August 8th at 4pm. You should totally come watch.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Down with Socialism!

Socialism really sucks, especially when it comes to the police. I mean, why should I pay for OTHER people to be safe? Just because you live in a crappy neighborhood, that doesn't mean everyone else should pay for investigative services every time you get robbed, shot, or beaten to death. If you want security, pay for your own detail.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

British Airways, Part 2

I suppose today's part of the saga was fruitful, if predictable. BA's Twitter rep contact me for some information about my tickets, then promptly ignored all further communication. At 4pm, I grew tired of waiting for his reply and called their reservations line. While I could tell the rep wanted to help, there simply wasn't anything he could do. He transferred me to his supervisor, and I lost my cool. I told him in no uncertain terms that my next action would be to file a chargeback with my bank. He apologized profusely, but insisted there wasn't anything he could do.

After 15 minutes of waiting on hold for my bank, I wrapped up my work day and drove to the nearest Bank of America branch. They were very helpful, and quite amazed at how calm I was, considering how much money I was missing. The money will be back in my account tomorrow.

I wish this was the end of the story. I know that I have set off a series of events that could make the last week look relaxing. Chargebacks aren't fun, and that's why I begged and pleaded with British Airways to just give me a refund. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to protect my financial interests. Nothing will stop me from closing on my beautiful new house.

Monday, February 15, 2010

British Airways, Part 1

A few minutes ago, I sent the following to The Consumerist

A few months ago, my best friend James and I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday in Barcelona. After weeks of ticket research and price watching, we dropped ~$1800 for two round-trip tickets on British Airways. Since then, I have vowed to never fly with them again, nor will I let any of my friends make the mistake I did.

I paid for my tickets on 1/30, and the charge appeared on my debit card on 2/5. Three days later, another charge for the same amount appeared. I called them immediately to find out what had happened; I work for a very large credit card processor and certainly understand that double-charges happen. The first agent I reached claimed that he'd need to send out my file for investigation, but wouldn't give me an ETA on the refund. Two days later, with no word from BA, I called again. This agent worked with their ticketing department while I was on the phone and assured me that my refund would be expedited. Later that afternoon, I got an email from their research department stating that my case was closed without action, but if I could send them a copy of both passports (mine and James') they'd be happy to reopen the case and try again. I dispatched the copies immediately. We are so very lucky that James had received his renewed passport in the mail two days prior to this, as heaven knows what I would have done then.

So it's President's Day and I still have not reached satisfaction. I called them again today, trying to determine the status of my issue, but all they would tell me is that "someone is looking into it". I also tweeted @BritishAirways, but they don't seem to have someone manning that post today.

I have contacted my lawyer (aka James in this story), and will have my bank initiate a chargeback tomorrow morning, but I fear that the chargeback might result in the cancellation of my ticket, and fares have increased considerably since I purchased it. I really don't want to risk that, but on the other hand, I'm trying to close escrow on my new house in the next week or two, and can't afford to be missing part of my down payment. I'm lucky that my down payment funds were sitting in my checking account at the time; I don't even want to think about what might have happened at any other time of the year.

I don't know if they'll post it, but i thought it was worth a shot. Further updates will appear both here and on my Twitter feed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Clarification of my previous post

Yeah, it's a mess, but here's the document I was looking for. It would seem that the language is not nearly as inflammatory as I was led to believe.