Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More on the ricin letters

Dan Savage thinks the ricin letters were written by a disaffected gay man. I guess I just don't really care who did. After many years of fearing others, their opinions of me, and what they might do to me, I'm close to no longer caring. My happiness is paramount. As I said before, I would go to those affected establishments myself, if I could. There is no security in life, except as illusion. If I am meant to die, no amount of hiding will change the time and the place. Maybe these are morbid thoughts, but to me they allow me more freedom in my life. If someone threatens to hurt me, I will be more wary, but I will not change my plans.

I suppose this is academic to some degree. I don't live in Seattle, and no one has targeted the establishments I frequent. I'm angry that someone feels like they need to threaten innocent people, but I'd rather soldier on than live in fear.

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