Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trying to see both sides

There's a house, a mansion, really, across the street from The White House. Until today, I'd never heard of it. It's called The Blair House and it's essentially for guests of the President. Traditionally, this is where the President-Elect resides while gearing up to move into the lovely cottage across the street. This makes sense. Security is already in place, and it's already being paid for by the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, the Obamas were not able to obtain a reservation in this 119-room establishment until January 15th. (My little brother's birthday, incidentally.) When the Obamas were denied occupancy a few weeks ago, The White House simply stated that there were previously scheduled events at the Blair House and guests could not be displaced.

Today, we now know what that event was. I'm trying to understand why a former Prime Minister deserved the accommodations more than the incoming First Family.

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