Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I live on less than a fifth of that.

I think I'm going to be sick. I can't tell if this piece is satire or a defense of the lifestyle. Even in the broad strokes of the budget that was laid out, I can tell them where to cut at least half of their expenditures.

The nanny? The private school? The car and driver? 2 vacations a year? Guess what? You fucked over the economy. You don't get those anymore. And if your defense of those items is that "the man would certainly not feel like himself on that train", then you need to have your head examined. He shouldn't feel like himself. He was part of the biggest financial collapse in nearly a century, and if this were a few hundred years ago, we'd be screaming for the gallows. Hell, some of us are ready to watch them all burn now.

A friend once told me that the severe imbalance is just how this stuff works. Except that it doesn't work anymore. There will be a reckoning. It's going to be painful, but it needs to happen. Yes, I'm calling for the gallows. Anyone care to join me?

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