Sunday, June 28, 2009

Notes from over here

I spent some time in Boston, Cape Cod, and Manhattan over the last few weeks. Greg's brother was graduating from high school, so he and his husband Drew, Maggie, and I made a little vacation out of it. We flew into Providence RI, spent the evening wining and dining with Drew's niece, her familiy, and several of their frends. The graduation was the next day up in Burlinging, MA. After that, we headed out to Cape Cod for seafood and sightseeing. After they went home, I went on my own down to NYC to do my own thing for a few days. I had a blast, met some great people, and while part of me wanted to stay, I was very grateful to get back to my own bed after nearly two weeks of living out of a carry-on.

Photos over on my Picasa site.

When I signed the lease on my current apartment, I was very happy about the fact that I would be able to see the Tempe 4th of July fireworks from my balcony. I'd planned to host a 4th of July party, but in my laziness, I'd never gotten around to actually inviting people. As it turns out, this was good for two reasons. First, the complex is apparently limiting who can and cannot enter the gated complex on that day, at a max of two guests per signed resident. Also, I'm going to be back in NYC this weekend, so hosting a party remotely would be...difficult. Maybe I could mount a webcam and screen on my Roomba and use that to mingle with the guests!

Also, I finally got the BizOps job!! The start date is still to be determined, but should be coming within the next 3-4 weeks. It's a lateral move, so no boost in pay, but I'll finally have a normal business hours schedule for the first time in nearly nine years, not counting short-time contract work.

That's it for now, please stay tuned for the farm report.

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