Saturday, September 19, 2009's about to set sail!

Best. Night. Ever.

My really good friend Mike (who is friends with Fred Schneider) called me on Thursday and asked if I wanted a backstage pass to the B-52s. Of course I said yes -- who would pass up an opportunity to hang out with the other groupies and have the best seats in the house? I figured I'd meet Fred, take a photo or two, and go home and enjoy the nice memory. After the B-52s did their set, I took off, feeling the need to turn in somewhat early.

About ten minutes after I got home, I was headed back out to pick up Mike and take him to AZ 88 in Scottsdale, where we met up with Fred and a few other people. We had a good time, and Mr Schneider even took over the DJ booth a couple times to play a couple of new and unreleased tracks. One was "Totally Nude Island" (available on iTunes). Another was "Who threw that Ham?!", based on a woman he once saw try to shoplift a canned ham, only to have it fall out from underneath her shirt, and then blurted out the title of the song. Watch for it soon from his new side project -- The Superions. We had enough time for one more track - a rock cover of Harry Nilsson's "Coconut"

Several of the people then wanted to head over to one of the drag shows in Phoenix, so after some convincing, we piled into my car…including Fred. He kept giving me all these different CDs of his new stuff to play for those of us in the car. He apologized for all the self promotion, but I was in heaven.

Fred. Schneider. In. My. Car.

While at the drag show, this younger guy in a wheelchair tugged on Fred's sleeve to say "You know, you really look like that guy from the B-52s." The look on his face when he found out who he was talking to was priceless. For most of the pictures with fans that night, he'd been putting on sunglasses as the whole B-52s image, but left them off for this guy. It was really touching to see him make this guy's weekend. I know he'll remember that night for the rest of his life, because I know I will.

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