Friday, October 2, 2009

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins...

...with two days of eating everything in sight. No, I'm not trying to gain weight -- I'm trying to do something a bit more insane. After two days of gorging on the fattiest foods and just about everything you're never supposed to eat more than once a year, I'll be eating about 500 calories a day for three weeks. Welcome to the HCG Protocol.

I hate diets, low-carb, low-fat, Tae Bo, Tony Little's Gazelle, and just about every other weight-loss/fitness fad in existence. I'm an impatient man, so pretty much gadget and menu plan out there take far too long for me. I was looking for something that would drop the weight quickly (like a parasite), but in a slightly more healthy way. So yeah, going to Nogales for a wild night of drinking tap water is out of the question.

A couple of my friends have done the HCG Protocol, and their results have been beyond amazing. One has lost fifty pounds since starting in June of this year. She looks healthy, doesn't have serious cravings, and the direction of weight loss has been invariably down. Very few of the dreaded plateaus, no unexplained gains....just weight loss. Amazingly, all of it has been from the areas people hate the most -- the belly, the love-handles, the arms, and just about anywhere else that is traditionally hard to target.

To put it simply, HCG targets those abnormal fat stores, burning 3500 calories of it a day, and often even more. That's why a 500 calorie diet isn't as insane as it sounds. In fact, many people have to force themselves to eat even that because they constantly feel full, thanks to the fat inferno. Yes, this means a pound lost each day. There is a lot more to explain, but just google for "pounds and inches".

I'm still a skeptic. I have no idea if I'll be celebrating each morning on the scale or suddenly inhaling Twinkies after 5 days of diet hell. We shall see.

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