Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Politics can still suck it

A while ago, I cancelled my RSS subscriptions to political blogs, removed my TiVo season pass to Rachel Maddow, and watch Stewart/Colbert in whatever clips happen to bubble up on Facebook.

I noticed this - my stress level went down, I started getting more done around the house, and was able to focus better on work and my hobbies.

I've enjoyed not being outraged every time I turn on the TV. My life is my own again. Protest rallies, flamewars on Facebook, Google Reader, and other blogs just don't draw me anymore.

Imagine my surprise when I poked my head out today to check on this Jobs Bill thing, which, surprisingly, isn't an Apple Invoice. More talking heads screaming at each other about how they're both trying to wreck "AMERICA!!!"

I still don't care. I refuse to care. I pledge to be an educated voter, but that's really the only place worth my effort. The rest is just noise, detracting from my own life.

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